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Familiarise yourself with the most common driving test routes with a professional and personal service from your local driving instructor.

Aspects covered during pre test driving lessons include:

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Essential Driver Training (EDT) is a mandatory training course that teaches fundamental driving skills to learner car drivers. You are required now by law to sit the mandatory 12 EDT driving lessons.

Yes. As a learner driver, you must complete all 12 EDT sessions before you can sit a driving test.

You can apply online for a driving test before your 12 EDT sessions are completed. However, you cannot be scheduled for your driving test until your ADI confirms that you have completed all 12 sessions and these have been uploaded to the system.

No. If you fail your driving test you do not have to repeat EDT. The only exception is if your learner permit has lapsed for more than five years. In this case you will have to:

  • pass a new driver theory test
  • get a new learner permit
  • repeat EDT

You must bring your EDT logbook to each driving lesson. It’s an important document which you must keep safe.

Your ADI will sign off and stamp the Logbook after each designated lesson has been completed. In the certificate pages your instructor can only record their own records of their training.

The EDT logbook records a record of your training and comments and tips and advice are entered into the Logbook at the relevant place.

Yes, you can. However, to get the most from the EDT programme, you should take enough time to practise and develop safe driving. The RSA recommends taking two weeks between each of the 12 EDT sessions. Also, remember that you cannot sit a driving test until you’ve held your first learner permit for at least 6 months.
The six months rule applies to first-time learner permit holders. It states that you must have held your first learner permit for at least six months before sitting a driving test. This is to ensure that you allow yourself enough time to complete your training and safely practice what you’ve learned before attempting a driving test

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